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4 Easy and Natural Repellent Recipes You Can Make At Home

If you ask me, “what is the first and most thing that kills any summer outdoorsy enjoyment?” my answer always and forever will be, “mosquitos”.

Although these little creatures are quite frail and tiny, they can annoy the hell out of you and bring out the worst of your nature. Moreover, it is not advised to use store bought bug repellents because most of them aren’t ecofriendly. In this article you will learn how to make natural mosquito repellents yourself.

1- A direct link wasn’t confirmed yet, however, many experiments show that loading up on vitamin B (as much as 50 MG a day) can make your skin naturally produce a substance that scares mosquitos off. So, why not? It is not like you are going to take anything harmful!

2- Avoid smells that attract mosquitos. So, why do mosquitos target people? It is because people eat, drink and wear things that draw out mosquitos. Therefore, don’t eat fruits (especially bananas!) and leave their peels lying around, don’t drink alcohol, and DON’T wear perfume.

3- There are some smells that mosquitos especially hate. Applying essence oil of these smells to your skin can help a lot in repelling mosquitos. The smells that most people agree that they repel mosquitos are: Peppermint, Thyme, Clove, Catnip, Lemon Eucalyptus and Lavender.

4- So how exactly do you make the repellents? You can either mix the repelling essence oils with Vaseline (an ounce of oil per every pound of Vaseline). Or you could mix it with an unscented moisturizer (7 drops of repelling essence oil per an ounce of moisturizer). You could also make a mosquito spray by mixing two teaspoons of repellent essence oil with half a cup of water.

Easy and Natural Repellent Recipes You Can Make At Home

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