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5 Easy homemade facial masks

Making a homemade mask is not difficult. You can easily get radiant and glowing face using natural elements from your kitchen.

– One of the best elements which are useful for skin care is milk. You can make a mask of milk simply by adding a quarter a cup of dried milk powder with water to make a paste. Put this paste on your skin until it gets dry and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

– Egg whites are valuable healthy skin care ingredient that helps to fix the skin. Also when you mix them with some yoghurt, you will get a moisturizer for your skin. The recipe of eggs-white and yoghurt consists of two tablespoons of plain yoghurt and the whites of two eggs. This mask should be left for ten minutes on the skin before washing it.

– If you need to get rid of blackheads and if you need to clear out the pores as well as exfoliating the skin, you may use strawberries. Blend a quarter cup of plain yoghurt with a quarter cup of strawberries. Put the mask for ten minutes before rinsing it. Now you can enjoy delicate, smooth and radiant skin.

– The skin benefits a lot from mayonnaise as it is rich with great natural elements for a face masks. These elements are eggs, oil, and vinegar. You can apply mayonnaise directly on your face for about ten minutes and get clean and delicate skin.

– Cucumber is used for different skin like oily and dry skin. It helps to moisturize the skin. Squash up some cucumbers and blend them with two tablespoons of sour cream. Although the smell of the mask is not agreeable, but it helps to moisturize the skin and make it delicate.

homemade facial masks

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