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Seven Easy Hacks to Get Thicker, Longer and Healthier Hair

Many girls spend a lot of money on pricy – yet fake – products to get thick healthy hair. They might be misled by commercials that promote for hair products as if they are the magical solution for all hair problems .Unfortunately, those products might cause more damage to hair instead of treating it. Here are 5 simple hair care hacks to enjoy a heavy healthy hair:

1. Avoid washing your hair repeatedly: washing hair a lot is a disasterous habit because it strips your hair of natural oils which makes it dry and brittle. So, you better wash your hair only twice a week. Make sure you cover your hair using a shower cap when you take a shower.

2. Avoid using hair straightening products: these products such as keratin or straightening cream could be very harmful for hair and scalp. However, if you have a dry hair, you can use natural oils to moisturize your hair. Moreover, nature has blessed us with many natural products that can be used to strengthen and lengthen your hair

3. Take good care of your scalp: massage your scalp from time to time to boost circulatory system that makes hair grow. Massaging your scalp is helpful even if you do not use any product in the process

4. Brush your hair using a wooden wide-tooth comb: This type of combs prevents hair from getting tangled, prevents split ends and boosts the circulation.

5. Moisturize your hair: hair should be treated like complexion. That is, if skin needs to be moisturized, so does hair to avoid dryness and falling. You do not need to rely on pricy hair serums and creams. Affordable natural oils – such as coconut, olive, Jojoba or castor oil will suffice.

6. Sleep on Silk pillows: According to statistics, there is a strong relation between healthy hair and the type of pillows. Then, you better sleep on silk pillows since they keep your hair healthy and lessen tangling significantly.

7. Eat healthy foods: Fish ,vegetables and coconut oil are very useful foods for hair. Nuts are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that can do your hair a whole lot of good. Also most types of fish are super foods that are rich in many types of vitamins and minerals that can make your hair grow long and thick.

Seven Easy Hacks to Get Thicker, Longer and Healthier Hair

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