Easy and Fast Ways to Heal Bruises, Cuts, Burns and Blisters

Accidents happen on a daily basis. You may experience accidental cuts or burns while doing chores or work. This might get irritating and painful at times, so we put together ways to get rid of injuries easy and fast.

Burns : The most common mistake people normally fall into is icing a burn. That sudden shift in temperature causes more unwanted damage. Applying butter is another widespread myth which is considered dangerous because butter only traps the heat. What you need to do is apply cool water on the burn for several minutes and treating the area with aloe vera gel as it soothes down the burn and facilitates the healing process.

Cuts : From time to time you accidently cut yourself while using sharp objects. It’s very important to directly wash the wound with soup and water. Next, cover the cut with petroleum jelly and a bandage. Never leave it open in the air. In order to avoid inflammation, skip rubbing the cut with alcohol and antibacterial products that might just cause swelling and itching.

Bruises : After a tough hit, blue and black bruises appear on your skin. This is caused by the blood that gushed out of a ruptured vessel. Applying ice will contract your bleed vessels in no time allowing less blood flow and slighter bruises. After ice, treat the bruise with bruise cream to help it heal faster.

Blisters : As tempting as it is, never pop a blister. This will put you in the risk of acquiring infection and a much slower healing process. Instead, cover it up with a band-aid and let it heal on its own. In case it pops on its own, gently wash it with water and soup without pulling at the left over layer of skin then cover it with a bandage just as though treating a cut.

Easy and Fast Ways to Heal Bruises, Cuts, Burns and Blisters

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