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Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Facial Fat

When you think of good appearance, the first thing that comes to the mind is the face and how it looks. Every woman wishes if she has high cheekbones, nicely chiseled jaw line and normal levels of fat on the face and while you may like it when someone find you cute for your chubby face, there’s a difference between a healthy lookin face and one that packs heaps of fat on it.
If you want to change your look and get healthier, you have to work out, losing overall weight can contribute to making your facial edges more sharp but there are other facial exercises that can bring your goal even nearer.
Chewing gum is one good way to get closer to having perfect jawline and here’s a list of exercises you can start doing to lose facial fat and avoid sagging that happen as we age.

1- Upper Lip Pulls.

Upper lip pulls help to exercise the checks and chin muscles which will help you to get more elevated cheekbones and nicely structured jawline.

. Begin with your face in a normal position and all your muscles are relaxed.
. Pull up your upper lip to uncover your upper set of teeth and hold for ten to fifteen minutes or until you feel some stretching pressure building up in the cheekbones area then release.
. Relax five seconds then repeat ten times with five seconds of break between each time.
. Do two or three sets of ten repeats a day.

2- Rotating Your Tongue.

This is another amazing exercise that strengthen the muscles of the checks, chin and above the upper lip to eliminate fat from these areas and prevent sagging or wrinkles.

. Close your mouth and rotate your tongue inside in a circular motion making sure that the tip of your tongue reaches the upper and lower gums.
. Repeat this exercise 10 times each one in clockwise and counter clockwise directions.
. Do at least two sets of ten repeats a day and if possible do more.

3- Raising The Chin.

This exercise targets that fat that accumulate in the area where the neck and the chin meet where most people get double chins which can be very difficult to get rid of with diet only.

. Hold your face upright with your chin relaxing and your mouth closed.
. Move your chin upward in a way that you would be looking at the ceiling and you feel the double chin area stretched to the maximum and hold.
. Pull your lips as if you are going to kill someone but pull to the maximum and hold for a second.
. Release your lips to normal and bring back your face to starting position.
. Do two sets of 20 repeats of this exercise per day minimum.

4- Mouthwash Exercise.

You can do this exercise just with air or you can do oil pulling and maximize the benefits.
This exercise is amazing for all of your facial muscles in general.

. Put a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth or just fill your mouth with air.
. Blow and fill your right check, swish the oil on the right side for ten seconds then move to the left side while making sure that your check is filled with air.
. Continue the exercise for one minute at least and preferably three minutes each time with ten seconds on each side.
. Repeat five to ten times a day or more if possible.

5- Cheekbone Massage.

Cheekbones massage targets the fat around your cheeks and improve circulation for a healthier looking skin.

. Massage with your index and middle finger on each hand your cheeks in circular motion deeply.
. Keep massaging for at least one minute each side and preferably 2 to 4 minutes a day.

Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Facial Fat

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