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Easy Diet Changes That Can Blast Fat from Your Tummy

A squishy saggy tummy is probably the thing that annoys people most about their looks. I mean, you must have been through the situation where you didn’t buy some outfit you really like just because your fat tummy is making you look ugly in it.

However, you can get rid of that squishy unsightly part of your tummy easily by applying the following changes.

1- Instead of cooking with vegetable oil, butter or margarine, cook with coconut oil instead. A growing number of studies have concluded that coconut oil is your best friend when it comes to losing belly fat. One specific study reported that it even ruins the starch you find in refined carbs such as rice when it is used for cooking them.

2- Do not snack in between meals. Well, personally I find that difficult to apply. However, many studies have testified that you need long hours of an empty stomach to start burning fat from your tummy. On the other hand, snacking from time to time contributes to increasing the fat you accumulate in that area.

3- Be wary of words like “diet”, “light”, “Zero-Calories” or “Calorie-Free” on your foods and drinks. Most likely, this means that they have aspartame in them. If you are only concerned with belly fat, and don’t care about the fact that aspartame is a direct cause for cancer among an ever growing list of problems, know that it can impair your metabolism greatly making it very easy to increase fat in that area.

4- Increase unrefined carbs in your food. One of the things that can give you that unsightly jiggling belly is starchy foods and refined carbs. However, we DO need carbs since we cannot run on adrenaline and will power solely. So what is the solution? Unrefined carbs of course, such as oats, quinoa, brown rice and whole wheat.

Diet Changes That Can Blast Fat from Your Tummy

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