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Sure Early Signs Of Pregnancy Even Before A Missed Period

Pregnancy is something most women look forward to, it is a joyful experience that brings love and happiness to the family and make the woman feel complete. For those trying to conceive,

any sign of pregnancy opens a door for hope, while a missed period is a solid early sign, there are other signs you can look forward to that can even happen earlier than missing your period, check them out below.

– Changes In The Breast.

Once the fertilized egg attach itself in your Uterine lining your breast will start getting swollen, heavy and tender, you may also experience stinging sensation in the areola which happens in early pregnancy as a result for the hormonal changes in estrogen and progesterone.

– Dizziness.

Dizziness or light headedness is another common symptom of pregnancy you may experience before missing your period and it happens as a result of the elevated levels of Progesterone which cause the blood vessels to dilate and lowers blood pressure causing a drop in the oxygen levels arriving to the brain which causes temporarily dizziness .

– Fatigue And Desire To Sleep.

As soon s you conceive the Progesterone levels elevate in attempt of
thickening the Uterine lining to hold on to the fertilized egg properly to prevent miscarriage, the elevated levels of Progesterone cause your body to relax and need sleep more often, which make you feel tired frequently and out of energy to an extent.

– Nausea.

Nausea can also happen before a missed period however it don’t usually happen that early, the fluctuating levels between estrogen and progesterone and your body’s attempts to raise Progesterone levels to be dominant during this period is what causes morning sickness and nausea when you smell or eat certain foods.

Signs Of Pregnancy Even Before A Missed Period

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