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Three Drinks You Should Completely Avoid On A Hot Day

It is a hot summer day, you are thirsty and looking for anything to quench your thirst. Anything that is liquid and cold sounds perfect for you right? Not so fast, turns out that there are some beverages that can make you even more dehydrated and, these drinks you should definitely turn down when you are thirsty on a hot day or after working out. Check out the list below for the worst drinks you can have on a hot day.

1- Soda.

Even Though a cold glass of soda with ice sound ideal to quench your thirst and freshen you up, it is one of the worst things you can drink when your body needs fluids, beside the fact that drinking soda can increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and poor dental health, sodas and other soft drinks can contribute to another serious immediate health problem, dehydration.

A study done by the American Physiological Society found that using soft drinks to treat dehydration can actually worsen it and increase the risk for kidney injuries when compared to drinking plain water or water sweetened with Stevia, though the study was made on rats, the findings are still concerning for those who like to quench their thirst with sodas.

2- Alcohol.

Despite how tempting a frost glass of beer may seem to you, alcohol of all types should be the last thing you reach for when needing to rehydrate your body, because it is a strong diuretic, alcohol increase the urine outputs increasing the risk of dehydration, if you are really in the mood for a cold drink of alcohol then opt to sip a mouthful of plain water after each sip of alcohol which may reduce the risks of dehydration and a nasty hangover the following day.

3- Caffeinated Drinks.

It used to be thought that all caffeinated drinks including coffee and tea can increase dehydration, but it turned out that if you are a consistent coffee drinker, your caffeine intake wont affect your fluids loss too much, indeed it may even contribute to your fluids intake.

However if you are not a caffeine drinker then it is not optimal for you to quench your thirst on a hot steamy day with an iced latte. Plain water or fruit juices can work out best in your case. As for caffeine consistent drinkers, there is still a limit to your consumption of caffeine throughout the day, so don’t take it like water.

Drinks You Should Completely Avoid On A Hot Day

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