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Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Treatment For Many Ailments

Drinking water on an empty stomach soon after waking up is a healthy habit for people in Japan and this habit has many health benefits that were shown in several studies, water treatment provides a seriously positive effect against many ailments.

The consumption of water first thing in the morning was shown to be effective against high heart rate, high blood pressure, kidney ailments, urinary tract ailments and infections, blood cholesterol, body pains, headaches, arteries problems, puking, asthma, TB, meningitis, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, piles, uterus ailments, vision problems, menstrual problems, ear infections and nasal congestion.

Methods Of Treatment.

. As soon as you wake up and before you even brush your teeth drink 160 ml of water four times (640) ml.

. Brush your teeth but avoid eating or drinking anything for 45 minutes.

. Once the 45 minutes complete you can freely eat and drink anything.

. After the main three meals, you should eat or drink nothing for two hours.

. If you are old, I’ll or simple unable to drink four glasses of water immediately after you wake up then just drink as much as you can and aim to increase the amount of water you drink gradually everyday until you reach the optimal amount which is 640 ml.

. The treatment showed very positive effects in various ailments and even if you are completely healthy, you will get advantage from the extra energy levels gained from drinking water and hydrating your body.

How Many Days For This Treatment?

For high blood pressure 30 days with consistency are required.

For gastritis 10 days at least are required.

For diabetes 30 days are optimal.

For constipation 10 days at least are required.

For TB 90 days at least are required.

Indeed you should implement this healthy habit of drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach in your life so you can enjoy the many health benefits it provides.

Note/ for people suffering from Arthritis you should follow this remedy for the first three days then make one week break and return back to it daily, this remedy has no side effects but will only show improvements in your case and you will remain energized.

The Mechanism of How The Treatment Work.

Water helps to detoxify the body, usually ailments are resulted from a build up of toxins in the different organs of the body and the bloodstream, when you drink more water, you wash your blood and kidneys more meaning that you are flushing harmful toxins in your kidneys out of your body.

Water is also considered a natural blood thinner so drinking it adequately will help with high blood pressure and heart and arteries problems, this treatment can even prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Water also helps to neutralize the effect of inflammation that happens in the joints and result in Arthritis or other chronic inflammatory diseases like asthma.


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