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Double chin is grossing you out? Try these 6 tips now to reduce your double chin

Double chin is one of the most upsetting problems for many women. It makes you feel shy and lose self-confidence. So, if you have extra layer of tissues underneath your chin, try some of these tips to help you get rid of this annoying appearance.

– Chewing gum is one of the easiest and least expensive methods for eliminating your double chin. Chewing gum works as an effective facial exercise for getting the muscles toned and workout the jaw.

Massage your double chin and neck with cocoa butter for about 10 minutes. You will see the result after few weeks of massaging the chin every morning and every night.

Green tea is an amazing drink which will help to reduce double chin. It has many benefits for your health and the most important is speeding up the metabolism rate. Therefore, it will help to burn extra calories from the body and beneath the skin.

Massage your double chin with milk in order to tighten and tone up the skin. In addition, you can make a mask of honey and milk which will have the same effect.

– Another great mask for reducing double chin is egg white mask. It has the ability to tighten the skin. You can simply whisk 2 egg whites with milk, honey and lemon juice. Also, add some peppermint essential oil and then apply the mask on your chin and neck once a day.

– Try to have more of vitamin E for its ability to boost your skin’s elasticity. Take it as a supplement or from the foods containing it. It will help in tightening your neck skin and ridding you of the double chin.

tips now to reduce your double chin

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