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DIY Guaranteed Cellulite Removal Scrub

Although most of us tend to provide maximum care for our bodies by eating healthy, exercising, voiding stress and applying moisturizers, some of our beauty woes still are not according to our will,

cellulite for example is an unattractive skin and muscle problem that affects over 90% of the women around the world regardless to age or size and due to several factors such as genes, dehydration, poor metabolism, weak muscles and hormonal changes, it can be reduced or even got rid of Naturally though, with regular exercising, eating a healthy diet an drinking adequate amounts of water and applying the following scrub to remove cellulite.

Ingredients And Why They Work:-

Ground Coffee:- The coffee when applied topically to the skin helps in stimulating blood flow to the area which helps in healthy cell regeneration and respiration process, plus the texture of ground coffee helps to exfoilate the skin giving chance for the new skin cells to receive proper ventilation and nourishment.

Coconut Oil:- Coconut Oil is one miraculous natural oil for the skin and hair, it is a deep moisturizer with high vitamin E content that acts as an antioxidant that reverse the damage and promote a smooth healing process, it also helps in maintaining the skin looking youthful and preventing wrinkles and other aging signs.

– How To Prepare And Use.

Add 1/4 cup of grounded coffee in a bowl, you can use ready packaged one or just reuse the grounds that have been left in your coffee machine.
Melt three tablespoons of coconut oil over medium heat in a small pan then add the the coffee in the bowl.
Mix the ingredients both together properly untill they form a paste like mixture.

Apply the mixture to the area where cellulite present and massage with the tips of your fingers firmly for ten to fifteen minutes then wipe with a damp towel.
Save the rest of this scrub in an air tight container or Mason jar and use it three to four times a week for optimal result.
He mixture will slightly harden, make sure to get it to liquid form before using the next time by either heating on the stove or microwaving for a few seconds.

DIY Guaranteed Cellulite Removal Scrub

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