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DIY Body Shaving Creams For Women

We all dream to feel soft all the time, body hair is one thing that form a serious barrier between us and the ability to make that dream come true, if you remove your undesired body hair by shaving then you may be familiar with the associated problems with shaving like itching, redness, razor bumps, etc.

However if you use the right shaving cream you could reduce these symptoms to the minimum, usually shaving creams contain alcohol and other ingredients that dries up the skin which with shaving irritate the skin so much, try to make this shaving cream where you will control all the I gradients yourself and avoid substances that under the skin.

1- In this recipe you won’t need to go shopping because all the essential ingredients of this DIY shaving cream should be at your home already.


1/2 cup hair conditioner.
1/2 cup shampoo.
3 tablespoons full with facial cream.
3 teaspoon of baby oil or olive oil.

. Directions.

In a bowl incorporate the hair conditioner with the shampoo and mix well.
Mix in the cream and the oil and keep on mixing with the help of a whisk.
Store the DIY shaving cream in a jar or plastic container and you can use it the following day.

2- This Recipe is more suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin.

. Ingredients.

4 tablespoons of chia butter.
3 tablespoons of coconut oil.
2 tablespoons almond oil.
Two drops tea tree oil.

. Directions.

In a warm water bath, melt the chia butter then mix the remaining ingredients well.
Pour the mixture in a container and refrigerate until it solidify.
Use it to massage your skin before shaving, you can use it also to moisturize your skin after shaving.

DIY Body Shaving Creams For Women

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