Don’t Dispose of Used Tea Bags and Benefit from Their Astonishing Uses

Drinking tea has its numerous advantages starting with getting a good dosage of caffeine and ending with providing the body with antioxidants. The benefits of tea don’t stop there, after infusing a tea bag; you can make use of it in several aspects as following:

Relieve Sunburns and Acne : Make tea using used tea bags and soak a cotton ball in it. Wipe areas with acne or sunburn with the cotton and leave those areas to dry.

Reduce Eye Redness : The richness of antioxidants in tea can help you in getting rid of eye redness. All you have to do is put some used tea bags in cold water and leave them there for a couple of minutes before applying them on your eyelids and keep them there for a little while. The absorption of tea antioxidants in your eyes will alleviate the redness.

Help with Bleeding Gums : If you just pulled a tooth and want to stop the bleeding and the aching, grab a tea bad that has been soaked in cold water and put it on the place that hurts you in your gum.

Get Rid of Stinky Smell in Shoes : Leave some used tea bags to dry then place them inside your shoes to remove the stink. You can also put dried used tea bags in closets to freshen up the smell of your clothes.

Clean Furniture : One of the surprising uses of tea is cleaning up different things at home. Put some tea bags in a glass of boiling water then wait for the resulting solution to cool completely. Soak a cleaning cloth in the tea and use it to clean wood furniture, floors and mirrors.

Prevent Fungal Infections in Plants : Put your used tea bags in a bucket of water and use the resultant tea to water your plants to prevent fungal infections.
Used Tea Bags and Benefit from Their Astonishing UsesUsed Tea Bags and Benefit from Their Astonishing Uses

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