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Diseases That Can Be Treated With Onion

Onion has many health benefits and can be used to reduce the severness of many chronic diseases and even completely treat other diseases, here is a list of the diseases or disorders that can be treated with onion and the way to use onion.

1- resperatory System Infections.
You can treat ubber and lower resperatory system infections by heating up some diced onions and tighing it in a peice of cloth, place the clot on your chest and your back before sleeping every night and you will start feeling better within a week or ten days.

2- asthma.
You can reduce the symptoms of asthma or prevent the attacks by drinking two tablespoons daily of onion juice mixed with one spoon of honey on an empty stomach in the morning.

3- Fatigue.
Onion can restore the energy levels and at the same time helps your body to get its suffecient rest at night, mix onion juice with tomato juice and drink it everyday morning if possible and you should notice your energy levels are higher and you can get deeper sleeps at night.

4- headaches and Migrains.
Onion can also reduce the severity if headaches and migrains naturally without having to take the chemical based pain killers. Boil diced onion with clove powder and olive oil, strain the solution and use it to massage your head whenevr you get headaches.

5- Prevent Cancer.
Onion and specially red onion can help to prevent cancer because it is rich in antioxidants that reduce the harm of free radicals on the body cells.

6- Insomnia.
Onion is even believed to treat insomnia all you need to do is cut a large onion in two and take a few deep breaths of it before going to sleep and you will enjoy a relaxing sleep.

Diseases That Can Be Treated With Onion

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