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4 Diseases Doctors Fail to Diagnose Sometimes

I always feel very bad for people that doctors misdiagnose their diseases. It is not just that they waste a lot of time and money with the tests, but they also get medicines that could really worsen their cases and cause them further pain and suffering.

This is why we need to know about the diseases doctors fail to diagnose.

– Sometimes, when you see a doctor because you see visual hallucinations like dots, spots and light flashes, you are diagnosed with migraine. However, what you are truly suffering from is stroke. Both can happen because of hypertension and are thus misdiagnosed.

– Several diseases such as cystic fibrosis, malformed vocal chords, inflamed sinuses, enlarged lymph nodes and others can lead to difficulty in breathing and thus to a case called Acute Upper Airways Obstruction. However, doctors misdiagnose it as asthma.

– When you find that things like indigestion, bloating, constipation and such happen whenever you eat, you go to a doctor who usually tells you that you have irritable bowel syndrome. This is misdiagnoses, and what you might actually have is intolerance to lactose or some type of food allergy.

– If you are a diabetic, you – unfortunately – have to undergo a strict routine which involves a lot of checkups for blood sugar levels, doctor’s appointments, lousy unappetizing diet, all of which lead to what is named diabetic distress. However, if this sudden change in lifestyle makes your mood so sour that you go to a psychiatrist, and if this psychiatrist doesn’t know about your sudden life change, he might prescribe some antidepressants for you.

Diseases Doctors Fail to Diagnose Sometimes

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