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Disastrous Things That Can Happen to Your Kids After Watching TV for Hours

Kids require a lot of attention. Otherwise they will either let their curiosity lead them into harm, or whine and bother their parents. So what is the solution parents come to for this problem? Turn on the TV and let their kids watch for hours. Although this solution looks easy and much more affordable than hiring a babysitter or buying books and educational games for them, it can cause different types of damage, such as:

1- Several elementary studies have proven that kids who play videogames or watch computer or TV suffer from problems in their emotions, attention and even their behavior. Some kids who watch TV for long hours show a tendency to bully others.

2- Some parents put TVs in their kids’ rooms. Researches show that students who have TVs in their bedrooms have difficulty in achieving at an average level at school. Their test results also decrease in a regular manner related to the increase of the time of watching TV.

3- Kids who watch TV for a long time develop some unhealthy habits, such as eating in front of the TV, and staying in place with as little exercise as possible for a long time. This results in problems such as obesity with all its complications.

4- The disastrous effects of watching too much TV even extend to the time when kids are not watching TV, such as while sleeping. Watching TV for long hours is linked to irregularity in sleeping patterns and hours, lack of sleep, and even poorer sleep quality. Sleeping problems can cause all sorts of damage to all aspects of human’s health.

5- Too much time watching unacceptable behavior (which is sadly passed as acceptable) can damage kids’ moral values and beliefs. In short, they will think that violence along with other types of wrongful behavior is ok.

Disastrous Things That Can Happen to Your Kids After Watching TV for Hours

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