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Disadvantages Of Gluten-free Diets

In recent time there is a new craze about gluten-free products that started to spread around, when different researches proved that gluten can cause celiac disease and the myth of weight gain that is caused by excess consumption of gluten was published people started to go to gluten free diets and avoid foods that contain gluten.

Gluten is the protein found in grains including wheat and it is the substance that cause the dough to raise and take its shape, cutting back on gluten completely can have some health disadvantage that we are going to talk about below,

however some people may be truly intolerant to gluten and in this case the outcomes that happen as a result of consuming gluten outweighs the benefits that it adds to the body to it is better if just avoided all together, check out below the disadvantages to gluten-free diets.

1- You Are Leaving Out A Whole Lot Of Nutrients.

Many of the grains like wheat and rye that contain gluten are very nutritious for you and should be a part of a healthy diet, they are a source of dietary fibers and minerals that the body require to aid digestion and other important processes in the body, they also help in providing energy for the body.

2- Gluten Free Diet Can Actually Make You Fat.

Going completely gluten free can actually cause you to put on extra weight rather than losing weight that is because most of the gluten free products are loaded with fat, sugar and calories, instead of going gluten free opt for other healthier alternatives that still contain gluten.

3- You Lose Out On Vitamin B.

Who grains that contain gluten are a rich source and main source of vitamin B, cutting down of gluten products can put you at a risk of losing up heavily on vitamin B which is very important to protect your immune and nervous system as well as metabolizing the food you eat and providing your body with energy and governing the growth and well-being of your hair and nails.

Disadvantages Of Gluten-free Diets

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