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5 Differences between a Guy Who’s a Keeper and a Guy Who Isn’t

Misled by your hormones, feelings and probably some good “action” beneath the sheets, you may confuse a guy who is not a keeper for a guy who is. It is alright to make this mistake, at least at the beginning. We, women, are sentimental creatures who can get confused when it comes to these matters.

However, it is not okay AT ALL, to keep dating a guy whom you recognize as a non-keeper when you have long term commitment, marriage and children in mind. To make things a bit easier, I have listed here some of the differences between keepers and non-keepers.

1- Instead of saying “let’s go out on a date”, a non-keeper says, “Let’s hang out”! And don’t tell me it isn’t that big of a deal! A non-keeper tries to keep feelings and commitment far from your relationship as much as possible. A keeper, on the other hand, professes it loud and clear that your relationship is by no means a short termed one.

2- Conversations with a non-keeper are mostly flat and superficial. Again, stress here is on keeping things as non-personal as possible. For a non-keeper, conversations are just means to pass time until he manages to get you to bed. A keeper, on the other hand, is genuinely interested in you. Therefore, he tries to know everything about you and figure out how you think about him and about everything else.

3- From time to time, a non-keeper will say things like how he doesn’t like discussing your future together, or how you should “enjoy the moment” and “carpe diem”! He also brushes off conversations about marriage, commitment, children…etc. While a keeper has the idea on making you his life partner a little while after getting to know you. He lets out remarks and hints about your future, a life together and how you both can manage a family.

4- Fights decide greatly if the man you are dating is a keeper or not. A non-keeper criticizes you harshly and unfairly. He may get verbally abusive and uses things you have told him in confidence as a weapon against you. A keeper is civil and mature and can calm you down and settle arguments smoothly.

5- Looks are really important for non-keepers. After all, it is why they date in the first place. A non-keeper will not have any qualms about criticizing your looks even if they are unjustified. A keeper on the other hand, will never criticize your looks especially when he knows that you are going through some tough times, even if looks are a big part of why he likes you.

5 Differences between a Guy Who's a Keeper and a Guy Who Isn’t

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