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Five Differences between Coffee and Tea

Tea and coffee are the two most popular drinks in the world; most people in the world find their mornings boring and lacking energy without a cup of coffee while others can’t go a day without drinking tea. Both drinks help to keep us awake and rejuvenated throughout the day, and both drinks have similar properties. Here’s a list of the differences between coffee and tea that identify each drink in regards of the health benefits.

1- Caffeine Levels.

While both coffee and tea contain an amount of Caffeine, the Caffeine found in coffee is higher and more concentrated in the level. A cup of tea contains approximately 55 mg of Caffeine while a cup of coffee contains about 125-128 mg of Caffeine. The Caffeine in tea contributes to increasing concentration levels while the Caffeine in coffee leads to anxiety, headaches and insomnia known as “coffee jitters”.

2- Cancer Prevention.

Studies showed that tea contains a good amount of cancer fighting properties quercetin which also helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Coffee doesn’t possess this quality. Other studies showed decreased rates of cancer in Asia when compared to the Americas due to the high consumption of tea. It was estimated that to attain the cancer prevention benefit of tea you should drink at least three cups of tea or day.

3- Pain Relief.

Tea contains properties that were proven scientifically to reduce the intensity of inflammatory disorders and reduce blood clotting. While coffee was proven to reduce the symptoms associated with asthma and Parkinson’s disease, however the high concentration of Caffeine found in coffee was also related to headaches and chest pain especially if consumed frequently in a short space of time.

4- Antioxidants Content.

Both tea and coffee contain powerful content of antioxidants, the antioxidants found in tea were found to reduce free radical stress and can to a certain extend prevent aging signs and improve skin and complexion while the antioxidants in coffee were found to compromise antioxidants that regulate blood pressure and prevent Gallstones.

5- Place Of Origin.

Another interesting difference between tea and coffee is the place of origin, while tea is mainly produced in eastern Asia India and China, coffee is produced mainly in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.

Despite the distinct difference in taste and health benefits, there is one main common factor between coffee and tea that all of us agree about, they both are the most beloved beverages worldwide.

Five Differences between Coffee and Tea

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