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Why Your Diet Makes your Mood Bad?

If you set a new year’s goal to go dieting you are not alone, studies estimate that up to 45 to 60 percent of us do, and if you fail to meet this goal then you definitely are not alone 80% of us tend to let go on this goal be Feb 1st.

There’s a good reason most of us fail to follow a diet and we actually end up thinking that the suck, you stay hungry, you feel deprived and all these emotions lead to other annoying feelings like sadness, depression, anxiety and anger.

Even with the best intention to follow a diet religiously, you will still get that difficult shadow of sadness and there’s a strong reason for that. Researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Center say that the neurons in your brain that report hunger are the same ones that report negative feelings like sadness and anger.

To explain this reaction more, the agouti-related protein-expressing AGRP neurons in your brain stimulate a hunger or food-seeking behavior to eliminate the negative feelings that your body start experiencing when you start burning more calories than you ingest, the reason when you start dieting you start experiencing difficulties emotions and irregular sleeps is because the hypothalamus that controls eating and sleeping, also controls mood regulation so when you mess with one you mess with all, that is also why we eat emotionally.

If you are looking to lose weight you will likely be more successful if you just apply a few changes to your diet every now and then not to trigger those neurons in your brain, so rather than going on a crash diet which will trigger a more aggressive response from the brain, you can start slowly and just make a few changes, yes you won’t be able to lose weight so quickly, but you won’t end up writing dieting and over indulging in comfort food.

So if you are going to start a diet, tell yourself to expect some feelings of sadness and instead of quitting the diet, learn how to deal with those feelings widely, foods that increase the production of serotonin, exercise of all types, doing a hobby, getting busy, spending time with family, going out in the fresh air or reading books are all ways that can help mask this sadness and make you feel better.

But beware of watching TV and surfing the web specially social media as researchers show that those activities won’t only increase your depression and sadness but also will make you feel hungrier.

Why Your Diet Makes your Mood Bad

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