living room

living room

  • Have a good knowledge about the trendiest interior design living room of 2016

    Have a good knowledge about the trendiest interior design living room of 2016

    We are welcoming the new year of 2016, every year there are always new trends that become popular and others that go out of style. The living room is your social hub in your home where you need relaxation, happiness and gathering reunion. 2016 interior design living rooms are amazing and reflect a character. Gold is dominating the 2016 interior living rooms which will be a reflection of  your luxury and elegance. Gold is a good way for decoration and a symbol also for richness you can use it as accents or/and color like a gold chandelier, a gold center table or side table and more. Then, there are perfect patterns and textures for 2016 that will enhance your living…

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  • Some inspiring wall décor for 2016 stunning living room look

    Some inspiring wall decor for 2016 stunning living room look

    A living room is our social area and where memories are gathering with our family, friends and loved ones. When it comes to living room décor you should do it perfectly to enhance its look and its functionality and then add your character. One of the great features to make a statement in your living room is to care about your living room walls’ decorations. Let’s begin this stylish funny mission to transform your living room one wall or even all walls into a piece of art. To decorate your walls, there are many options in 2016 décor world to create it perfectly and make it look decorative and stylish. These ways of décor vary from a simple way as…

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  • Curtains Can Make Small Flats Look Larger And Adds More Function To It

    Curtains Can Make Small Flats Look Larger And Adds More Function To It

    We small flats owners know very well how the small space we have can quickly turn from cozy and calm to cluttered and messed up, having smart storage ideas is one thing to make the place look neat and still get the most of the space but did you know that curtains can make your place look bigger and add more function to it? Find out how below. 1- When placed properly, curtains can hide or crave out private portions of the room which will allow you to make use of the whole storage place without making the room look cluttered and over packed with stuff. 2- You can create your own little closet where you can store your cloth,…

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  • Mistakes People Are Making When Hanging Curtains

    6 Common Mistakes People Are Making When Hanging Curtains

    There are a few mistakes that most people make when hanging their curtains, and because curtains have a dominant role in creating the overall look then even the simplest of mistakes regarding curtains can spoil the way your room end up looking . we will present to you this article where we will point to you 6 of the most common mistakes that people are making when hanging curtains to avoid . 1- Not Making The Correct Measurements . A curtain that is not the size of the window will really look odd , the measurements of the dimensions of the window is the first thing to consider when you decide hanging new curtains . you will save yourself another…

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  • Useful Ideas to Design a Swedish Living Room

    Useful Ideas to Design a Swedish Living Room

    Many people are hesitated when it comes to designing their living rooms because such a design should satisfy the tastes of his family members and regular guests reflecting his own personality at the same time. In fact, the Swedish living room design can be the solution for such a problem because it has a simple and airy look. If you need to apply such a design into your living room, keep reading the article and try to be creative in applying its ideas. The pale colors will give your Swedish living room a bright look because they will reflect the summer light and the artificial light in the dark nights of winter. For example, the white and light grey walls…

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  • Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    Creative Designing Ideas for your Living Room

    Your living room is the place where you have guests and enjoy your time with your family members. In order to leave a good impression onthose who pay you a visit, you need to take care of this room. Having a general idea of the modern interior designs is of great benefit. The first step you need to take is to know what you really need to do with your living room. Sit with yourself, hold a pencil, and write down a plan that you can easily stick to. Make a list of what you wish to have inyour living room, taking into consideration whether you are having just guests or is it going to be a place for family…

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  • White Living Room Accessories

    White Living Room Accessories – Re-modeling your Living Room

    The living room is where you have guests; so, most accessories are used there to make it look a friendly and comforting place. Due to the large space usually found in the living room, too many ideas can easily be applied if you are thinking of re-modeling your living room. You would decide in the first place either you use your living room as a relaxation hub or a place where you hold parties. If you use it for party purposes, it can be made as two parts by the use of a carpet or a piece of furniture.To create a more suitable environment for parties, a bean bag can be added at the corners. On the other hand, other…

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  • 4Tricks to Decorate Living Room and Dining Room Combo

    4 Tricks to Decorate Your Living Room and Dining Room Combo

    Having dinner in a dining room combined with a living room area is an ongoing trend nowadays, especially in lofts or condominiums with big rooms. However, sometimes this can be considered a curse and a blessing at the same time when you find that the ambiance of each room contrasts with that of the other. Therefore, we need to find some solutions to decorate rooms that have a living room combined with a dining area. Here are some tricks to help you solve this problem: 1- Decide a main theme for both areas then follow it. If you have decided to get a certain design of furniture for the dining room then you have to get a similar design for…

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  • How to Choose the Perfect New Living Room Sofa

    How to Choose the Perfect New Living Room Sofa

    Your living room’s sofa is a key part of your home because it is the first experience your guests will try in your home. Choosing this important item needs a deep thinking and understanding to the nature of all of your family members. This article will offer you a few tips to help you choose the perfect sofa for your living room. To choose the perfect living room sofa, you will need to define the expected usage of the whole room and the measurements of the free space in the room.For example, if you have children who prefer to play around, it will be a great idea to purchase the most durable frame made of teak or rattan with durable…

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  • 6 Great strategies to decorate your small livingroom

    6 Great Strategies to Decorate Your Small Living Room

    A living room is one of the most important parts of your house. Parents relax there after a hard day at work. Kids do their homework there or watch TV. Housewives chat there with their friends. Some people might think that a living room has to be big to be suitable for all these activities, but the truth is that small living rooms have their own charm. Here you shall learn how to decorate your small living room so that it becomes perfect for creating many happy memories: 1- Add a big mirror to your living room furniture. Mirrors reflect light and make your room look stylish and lively. It will also make your small room look bigger. 2- Rearrange…

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  • Gorgeous Tips for arranging living room furniture

    Gorgeous Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

    Living room, as seen by people intoday’s world, is the entrance of the house. It usually consists of a sofa set, a table for coffee, arm chairs, and a TV. People now try hard to make it functional, comfortable, and gorgeous at the same time. Elements of the living room are usually used for multiple purposes. They are affected by your life style and reflect the taste of those who live in the house. Everything should be organized and harmonized with each other. It does not have to be too expensive or too gorgeous.If you ignore this idea, you will find yourself in the middle of clutter that would surely cause youa headache and a sense of disturbance. This will…

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  • Fantastic Ideas for Decorating a Small Living Room

    Fantastic Ideas for Decorating a Small Living Room

    No one would like to develop a case of claustrophobia by continuously sitting in a small living room with confined space. Therefore, when one is destined with little space, he/she must employ some or all of the following fantastic ideas of decoration to forget that the living room was ever small. Choose Furniture Smartly : Furniture can make or break a living room decoration. Although bulky furniture pieces might sound comfortable, their place is definitely not in a small space. Nonetheless, a corner sofa such as an L-shaped sofa can be a smart choice as it benefits from a corner and provides ample seating space. Since clutter of magazines and books is a major no-no in a small living room, you…

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  • 4 Things You Should Keep In Mind before Buying a New Sofa Set

    4 Things You Should Keep In Mind before Buying a New Sofa Set

    Do you sometimes feel like your Sofa is making your room look boring and ugly? Does it often “squeak” when you set on it requesting new springs? If it does all that and more, than maybe it is time to get a new sofa set. We will tell you here 4 things that you should keep in mind when buying a new sofa set. 1- Avoid white or light colored Sofa sets. They might look beautiful in a magazine, but they get dirty easily, especially if you have small children who make a habit of playing with their food on the sofa. The stains will be enhanced with the light color. You might want to choose dark (brown, black,) Or…

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  • Find Relaxation in Your Living Room with minimalism in 8 Steps

    Find Relaxation in Your Living Room with Minimalism in 8 Steps

    Don’t you sometimes think that the room is full of clutter and that you are tripping over one thing or another? Don’t you sometimes feel like: “ugh, I will not be able to breathe until there is nothing in this room”? Today we will teach you how to decorate your room with minimalism. Minimalist decor is all about simplicity. It is stripping your room to the bare essentials. Everything has its purpose. There are no trivial pieces or over furbishing. Minimalism is most prominent in Japanese and contemporary American decor. We will explain minimalism a bit then we will give you few pointers on how to decorate your living room with minimalism. Minimalism is about keeping your room features clear…

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  • Relaxing Living Room Interior Design Style

    Relaxing Living Room Interior Design Style

    Modern hectic life style is taking its toll at our health and sometimes even our sanity. The latter is a bit of an exaggeration, but the point to be made here is that we are all in desperate need of a relaxing environment. Since we do a lot of living in the living room, its interior design style should be of a relaxing nature. You might think that your personal preferences are enough to determine the living room style; however, there are several considerations to keep in mind in order to attain a really relaxing interior design style. First of all, remember that “less is more” concept never goes out of style. Getting rid of unessential items will give you…

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  • How to Choose Wonderful Living Room Furniture Design

    How to Choose Wonderful Living Room Furniture Design

    Do you feel confused for trying to choose the most appropriate living room furniture design? Calm down and continue reading to get a group of beneficial tricks that will help in guiding you to the correct way to make living room furniture decisions. 1. Take It Step by Step Rushing into the choice of living room furniture might get you in a long time of regret. Hence, take things slowly and start by realizing what you are dealing with. Your taste and the space you deal with are the two primary determiners for the design you seek. For instance, you can use your favorite color in furniture but the choice of a lighter or darker hue of the color must…

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  • interior-design-ideas-for-a-living-room

    Interior Design Ideas for a Living Room

    Imagine your life while spending most of your time in a place you don’t like, or doesn’t reflect your personality and style! That’s the case when you underestimate the importance of decorating your living room. The living room is that treasured space that highlights the tone for your entire decorating style. If you could only choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room would top the list. Living rooms take on a number of different roles which can make decorating them a bit of a challenge. For some people it’s a formal room reserved for entertaining guests, for others it’s a casual space used for leisure activities like relaxing or retiring…

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  • modern-living-room-design-tips

    Modern Living room design – tips

    Designing a living room in a modern & fashionable style isn’t difficult nor is it as expensive as many people think. There are many means that can be used to achieve fashion with less cost & less efforts . The living room is considered the most important room in the house where people spend the majority of their time watching TV , meeting guests & relaxing. This room should be comfortable for souls & reflect its inhabitants ‘ character to feel relaxed & private. First of all the one who has a desire for change should determine the area that need new design including furniture , accessories , flooring as well as colors . There are many methods for modern…

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  • modern-living-room-interior-styling

    Modern living Room Interior Styling

    The living room is the most important part of the house. The living room reflects your personality and your taste through the choice of paint and furniture order in it. The name of the living room tells us that the most active place in the house is this room, so you must reflect on your thoughts and the other members of the family about this room. Here are some ideas for the modern living room which would help you redecorate the living room and add a touch of beauty to your house. To redecorate your living room you can do a list that will help you without hiring any expert. You can start with the colors : If you want…

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