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Seven Days Diet Plane To Lose Weight And Protect The Heart

Have you been searching to find the best diet plans to lose weight fast and safe while taking care of your health? You may have found many plans that claim to drop weight fast but those diets may have their impact on your health later on, this diet plan I brought you today will not only give you a wonderful toned and fit body after seven days but also will detox your body and take care of your heart health, let us find out more about the diet.

You can follow this diet for seven days where you can eat soup and other meals to prepare the soup you need the following Ingredients.

– Three spring onions.

– One large can of cooked tomatoes.

– One can of green beans.

– One can of no fat beef stock.

– 2 Kg of carrots.

– One bag of noodles chicken soup.

– Celery if needed.
How to prepare:- All you need to do is put all ingredients in a pot on medium fire and wait until all ingredients are tender, add salt and spices as needed.

– The First Day:- Eat soup with plenty of fruits but try to avoid Banana.

– The Second Day:- Eat a variety of vegetables including peas, beans, green leafy vegetables, sweet corn, cooked vegetables or raw vegetables however avoid potatoes.

– The Third Day:- Combine fruits and vegetables in any amounts but avoid sweet potatoes and banana.

– The Fourth Day:- Eat soup , skimmed milk and only three bananas throughout the day.

– The fifth Day:- 3 Prices of low fat beef meat, six tomatoes and soup.

– The Sixth Day:- Eat Baked fish, raw vegetables and soup.

– Seventh Day:- One cup of brown rice, one piece of beef and plenty of vegetables, fruits and soup.

Diet Plane To Lose Weight And Protect The Heart

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