The Date and Traditions of the New Year Celebration in Thailand


The New Year or the Water Festival in Thailand is a unique and amusing celebration held in 13 April every year. Most of the activities and traditions of the festival are unique, but some of them resemble that’s of the Asian countries. You will be lucky if you can join them soon, because you will understand their culture and way of thinking and have an amusing time.

The New Year festival in Thailand is celebrated in 13 April and last for three consecutive days till 15 April. These days are considered as an official holiday in Thailand; so, you will see the Thais celebrating in the streets all the time. In the Northern cities of Thailand, the celebrations last for a whole week or even two weeks.

The unique traditions of the New Year festival in Thailand attract the attention of millions of tourists from all over the world. The festivals begin at the eve of the New Year when the Thai ladies clean their houses to bring the good luck through the coming year. At the Morning of the first day of the festivals, the dragon dances begin at the streets accompanied with the special tradition of water fight. During this amusing fight, the natives and even tourists throw the water from their water guns and containers on the others to clean them from the sins of the last year, according to their beliefs.

At the second day of the festival, the traditional food is served at homes, restaurants, and even to the monks. Some Thais prefer to visit the temples at this day building sand pyramids and festoon colorful flowers to get a tranquil and peaceful mood. These traditions will help you to understand the Thais and enjoy yourself with their fun.

The New Year Celebration in Thailand The New Year Celebration in Thailand The New Year Celebration in Thailand The New Year Celebration in Thailand The New Year Celebration in Thailand

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