The Date and Activities of the Tet Festival in Vietnam

Every country has its unique traditions and customs according to its beliefs, history, and religion. Vietnam is a southern Asian country that is affected by the traditions of its neighbors; especially china and Taiwan. One of the most traditions in Vietnam is to celebrate the Lunar New Year unlike the western countries who celebrate the New Year according to the solar calendar.

The festivals of the new year- or the Tet as it is widely known in Vietnam, begins in the last days of January and the first days of February at the same time of the Spring Festivals in China. The Vietnamese are used to begin their celebration at the night preceding the Tet with the reunion dinner that contains special dishes such as the dried young bamboo soup, boiled chicken, pickled onions, roasted nuts and seeds, and sticky rice. At the same night, the ladies clean their houses deeply and the families visit their dead ancestors and show their respect for them, then they begin to receive the coming year with a hope of living better life with their beloved families.

The celebrations of the Tet begin at the morning of the first day of the first lunar month with colorful celebrations and mutual wishes of a better year. Bringing the good luck is one of the most important priorities in this day because they believe that this day will determine what will happen during the whole year. That’s why they spread the red and yellow flowers throughout the home and encourage their dogs to park.

The Tet festival attracts a large number of tourists every year to Vietnam; especially the large cities such as Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh. If you want to see these live colorful festivals, try to book in advance to avoid the peak times.

The Tet Festival in Vietnam The Tet Festival in Vietnam The Tet Festival in Vietnam The Tet Festival in Vietnam The Tet Festival in Vietnam The Tet Festival in Vietnam The Tet Festival in Vietnam

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