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Don’t Like Dairy Products? Here Are The Nondairy Richest Sources Of Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrients for our bodies, it is not only needed for the week being of our homes and gums but also for a proper functioning of the nerve system and proper muscle building, calcium deficiency can lead to dangerous health condition such as osteoporosis or osteopenia, the richest sources of calcium are known to be Dairy product, however some people don’t like to Consume Dairy products for several reasons, does that mean they are not getting enough calcium? Fortunately there are many other sources of calcium that don’t include Dairy products and they include:-

1- Milk Alternatives.
Milk alternatives are fortified with enough levels of calcium to satisfy your daily need of vitamin D and calcium, cow’s milk alternatives include rice, nuts and soy milk, they also come in a variety of flavors you can choose from, vanilla, chocolate or plain.

2- Calcium-Fortified Orange Juice.
Orange juice is already a perfect source of vitamin C, adding vitamin D and calcium to it makes it of even more benefit, one cup of calcium fortified orange juice can provide you with 35 percent of your daily need of calcium, however make sure the label on the box states that calcium and vitamin D are added.

3- Tofu.
Tofu is usually used as a substitute for meat in several dishes, it is made of soy beans and is rich with protein and other essential minerals, tofu if prepared with calcium sulfate can be a good source of calcium, one cup serving can provide you with half of your body calcium daily requirement, however make sure to check the labels that the tofu brand you are choosing is made with calcium.

4- Kale.
Kale and almost all leafy greens specially the dark green ones are very rich in calcium as well as many other nutrients while providing low calories, one cup of chopped kale provide you with ten percent of your daily calcium needs.
Nondairy Richest Sources Of Calcium

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