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Curtains Can Make Small Flats Look Larger And Adds More Function To It

We small flats owners know very well how the small space we have can quickly turn from cozy and calm to cluttered and messed up, having smart storage ideas is one thing to make the place look neat and still get the most of the space but did you know that curtains can make your place look bigger and add more function to it? Find out how below.

1- When placed properly, curtains can hide or crave out private portions of the room which will allow you to make use of the whole storage place without making the room look cluttered and over packed with stuff.

2- You can create your own little closet where you can store your cloth, hand bags and shoes without creating a clutter for the eyes in your small bedroom.

3- Can give you a small comfortable space to read or snooze, the big room could lack coziness, placing your bed against the wall and surrounding it with curtains will make the space feel more cozy and comfortable.

4- Can Function As A Room Divider. A small home could have only one room and a relatively big living room, you may not need that much space for the living room and want to make use of it to create a room for sleeping for your guests or children, curtains can be used to divide the space and create a new room for you.

5- You Can Cover Shelves With Curtains. You don’t have to use floor length curtains to create your storage place, a few wall Shelves can installed to the walls and covered with a similar size curtains to hide the clutter and still don’t occupy the floor space.

Curtains Can Make Small Flats Look Larger And Adds More Function To It

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