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Crazy Myths about Food you thought to be true

There are a lot of “facts” we heard from elders about what we eat. But did you ever wonder if any of it was true? Surprisingly, most of those claimed facts are very far from true. In this article, we will be correcting your misbelieves about food. Here are 4 crazy myths about food that you thought were facts.

1) Not having breakfast makes you gain weight.
Everyone’s heard that saying at least five times in their lives. But it isn’t exactly as true as it avers to be. Just because most obese people skip breakfast, it doesn’t mean that skipping breakfast makes you fat. It just means that their whole regard on health is wrong.

Experiments have been carried on, to prove that skipping breakfast have no effect whatsoever on your weight, though eating breakfast helps you perform better during the day.

2) Small frequent meals help you lose weight.
Unless eating more food with fewer calories psychologically convinces you that you are full and helps you avoid junk food, there is no valid proof that eating frequent small meals have an effect on your weight loss.

3) Glucose is all time needed.
There is this belief that says that your body needs to consume glucose all the time in order to function. In contradiction to this, your body has the ability to produce the fuel it needs through a procedure called gluconeogenesis, also your liver stores in glucose for the time of need, making this whole claim a lie.

4) Fasting can cut down your muscle.
On the contrary, various studies show that fasting can actually help you maintain your muscles. While dieting can burn your muscles to use it for energy, fasting can help prevent that and keep your muscles intact. A lot of body builders even use the fasting method to sustain their health and physique.

Myths about Food

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