Count How Many Bracelet Lines You Have And Find Out What It Means

The bracelet wrist lines or also known as the Rascette lines are those lines that separate the palm of the hand from the wrist of the arm from the inside, these lines vary slightly from one person to the other and they are believed to have a meaning in regards of one’s health, prosperity and lifespan.
According to Metaphysics, the number of lines you have on your wrist also represent your lifespan.

The more bracelet lines you have the longer you live.
The first bracelet line if it is not broken and straight represents 23 to 28 years of life, the second bracelet line represent 46 to 56 years of age, while the third line represent 69 to 48 years. If you have a fourth line then that indicates even more longevity than 89.

Very few people have a fourth line, most everybody only have two or three lines.

Now take a moment and look at your wrist, how many bracelet lines you have?

– Here’s what each line mean.

The first line, if it is properly formed, deep and unbroken indicates that this person is in good health and fit, if the lune is fade or can be barely seen that means this person is indulgent and reckless.
The first line is also considered the most important like according to metaphysics.

The first line can also represent particular health issues.

For women, if the line is unclear that indicates fertility problems and inability to conceive naturally.
For men, if the line is unclear or curved upwards or broken into lines, that indicates health issues with the urinary tracts, prostate or reproductive system.

The second line, usually represents, wealth, prosperity and happiness, the line should appear straight without gaps or chain like appearance.

The Third Line, represent the fame and reputation of an individual, the deeper the line appears the more fame that person gain in life.

Count How Many Bracelet Lines You Have And Find Out What It Means

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