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8 Cosmetics tips for girls with dark skin

Beauty tips for girls with fair skin are many. However, girls with dark skin have alternative makeup guidelines. In this article, there are many makeup techniques these girls could use.

1. Girls who have dark complexions think that they don’t need sunscreen. They don’t believe that the sun will harm their skins. However, they need sunscreen also to protect their skin from the ageing process.

2. Girls with dark skin need a moisturizer daily. They should apply a good quality of moisturizer to moisturize their body and their skin daily to avoid the ashy looking.

3. They also should remove the cosmetics around evening time. A good cleanser will help them to clean their skin well. In addition, they should avoid picking at pimples in order to avoid scars on the skin.

4. Foundation should be chosen carefully. Choose the suitable foundation that is the same color as your skin. Applying a lighter foundation will make your skin look dark. You can test the foundation by applying it on your forehead. The most suitable foundation for dark skin is the liquid one.

5. Dark eyeshadow looks incredible on dark skin. The best eyeshadow colors for this skin are burgundy, green, copper and brown. Smoky eyes look great for dark skin as well.

6. Girls with dark skin should avoid bright colours for lipstick. Instead, darker shades will be better for them. For example, berry, plum, gold, burgundy and the best are beige and coffee.

7. Exfoliating is very important for all skin types to get rid of dead skin cells and to get natural colour of skin. You can do this easily by mixing olive oil with sugar and rubbing it on the face.

8. Using a skin toner daily is very useful. Skin toners heal skin inflammation and remove excess oils. They also make the skin look great and energetic.

Cosmetics tips for girls with dark skin

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