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Convenient Uses To Olive Oil Beyond The Kitchen

Olive oil is an essential part of every kitchen, it is known with its distinctive flavor and many health benefits, and the news is that there are many other things in which olive oil is very beneficial other than health and below is a list of them.

1- Fixes Squeaky Doors.

It doesn’t make any sense to keep petroleum-based aerosol lubricants at your house to silent Squeaky hinges when you know they are highly flammable and toxic , olive oil can be a perfect substitute, all you need to do is just rub a little olive oil on the hinge that’s causing the problem and the noise are gone.

2- Get A Smooth Shave.

Instead of using shaving cream or gel, use olive oil , it will help you get a smoother shave without any irritating razor bumps and will also moisturize your skin and slow down the hair growth, even when the hair grow the next time is will be soft and light.

3- Polish Wooden Furniture.

Using chemical based furniture polishes is not very safe on your skin
and even to Inhal it specially for children, luckily you can get the same result without the harmful chemical by just mixing some olive oil with white vinegar and wiping down your furniture.

4- Removes Eye Makeup.

You propaply don’t want to use your makeup remover anywhere near your eyes, well because most of them contain benzyl alcohol which can be quit irritating to the delicate area around the eyes, you can get the same result and even better using olive oil, all you will need to do is drop two or three drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and wipe your eyes with.

5- Removes Hard Earwax.

When you have a stubborn ear wax build ups instead of using ear candles use one drop of warm olive oil, it will help removing the Earwax without any side effects and it will also prevent any future build ups, just put a drop of warm olive oil in your ear, rub it around and lay with your ear against a towel to let it drip out.

Uses To Olive Oil Beyond The Kitchen

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