A Quick Convenient Black Beans Burger For Healthy Lunch

A lovely heart healthy veggie burger is a great idea for lunch or even a light dinner, you can get all the protein your body needs without boosting your cholesterol levels with all the excess fats in meats and specially minced meats, so we brought you this easy and quick veggie burger recipe that once you try, you will never want to eat any other ready made or frozen veggie burger again, you may even not want to eat regular burgers anymore, read on and let us know how you found it.


Half a cup bread crumbs.
Half an onion cut into slim wedges.
One can of drained and rinsed black beans.
Two slices of green bell pepper.
One teaspoon cumin.
Three garlic cloves crushed.
One egg.
One teaspoon hot sauce .
One piece burger cheese.
A pinch of backing bowder.

How To Prepare.

-If you are going to bake your delicious burgers then preheat your oven to 350 F degrees and get one baking sheet slightly oiled.
If you will grill then preheat your grill and get a sheet of aluminum foil slightly oiled and heated.

– In your food processor mash up your beans then put aside in a bowl, then chop your onions, garlic and green pepper finely and mix with your black beans paste.

– In a small bowl beat the egg properly and mix one teaspoon of salt, cumin, hot sauce and a dash of backing powder.

– Mix together the egg mixture and the beans paste with the bread crumbs untill the mixture is sticky and thick.

– Divid your mixture into four patties and place on your grill for eight minutes on each side or in your oven for ten minutes on each side.

– Serve in burger bread with burger cheese, tomato slices, mayonnaise and lettuce.
Black Beans Burger For Healthy Lunch

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