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control your chocolate craving for good with these 6 tips

Chocolate is so delicious and we can not deny that most of us adore it. However, there are some people who can be considered addicts to chocolate who consume much of it daily. If you are one of these people and you are trying to resist delicious chocolate, then read these tips that will help you much.

– Chocolate craving may be a result of lacking magnesium. Chocolate is rich with magnesium and that’s why women tend to have chocolate before their period when the magnesium levels are lowered. So, try to take magnesium supplements to prevent the craving for chocolate.

– To decrease the amount of chocolate you consume, try to hide chocolate away from your sight. Do not leave chocolate on the kitchen bench or coffee table.

Green tea can help you to suppress your chocolate craving. It will make you full at the same time.

– If you are eating chocolate because of hunger, try to drink instead of eating. Most of us mistake thirst with hunger. Therefore, having a cup of water may satisfy you and ward off your craving to chocolate.

– You may also have small and healthy snacks throughout the day to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Try to have nuts and seeds or an avocado or some vegetables. These kind of foods are low in sugar and release the energy slowly which will make you feel fuller for long period of time.

– Do not deprive yourself from chocolate completely. You may reward yourself one day a week with a chocolate bar. It will be far better than going cold turkey for example. Don’t feel guilty and enjoy your bar of chocolate.

control your chocolate craving

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