Does Constantly Crossing Your Eyes Really Make Them Crossed Forever?

You might fear to cross your eyes because you were told as a child that crossing them may get them stuck in that position forever, and nobody likes to have crossed eyes on purpose. However, is it really possible for your eyes to remain crossed after playing around with them to make funny faces? The answer lies below

Eye Movement : Our eyes are designed to move in all directions. Sometimes we stare at a specific point like at the right of our eyes, and we even cross our eyes when trying to focus our look on something, but our eyes will not get stuck at any point unless we were born with an ocular condition known as esotropia.

Esotropia : Esotropia is a permanent crossed eyed condition that comes due to lack of muscle coordination in the eyes and lesions in the cranial nerves. This condition does not just happen because you forced your eyes to cross; it is a condition that happens to individuals who were born with it from the first place.

Accommodative Esotropia : Before knowing that they have to wear glasses, farsighted people make a habit of crossing one of their eyes slightly to have a clearer vision. This ultimately leads to crossed eyes condition known as accommodative esotropia that can be corrected if prescription glasses were used as soon as possible.

Advantages of Crossing Your Eyes in Childhood : Children who train their eyes to be crossed for long durations are actually less likely to suffer from crossed eyes. That is because crossing their eyes improved their control over eye muscles and builds more of these muscles that prevent crossed eyes condition.

Now that you know the truth about the myth of crossing eyes, stop telling it to children and making them live their lives in the fear of a lie.
Constantly Crossing Your Eyes Really Make Them Crossed Forever

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