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Confused between Canned and Frozen Food? Read to Know How to Choose

Ever since we were children, our parents told us about the non ending benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Until this day it has become impossible to cut it out of our daily lives. Unfortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables are increasingly becoming more and more expensive and we may find ourselves relying on canned or frozen food more often. But the question remains, which is a better option?

Canned Food

The vegetables and fruits you buy from the supermarket aren’t as fresh as they were when they were picked up. They are exposed to chemicals that enhance its color and ensure keeping it fresh longer as it takes time in shipping. On the other hand, throughout the canning process, vegetables are heated right after they are picked up guaranteeing the death of any harmful microbes. They are not exposed to any preservatives or chemicals. As they are heated and canned, fibers and necessary nutrients, such as vitamins, are well conserved. Canned foods also give you the advantage to eat your favorite fruits and vegetables in any season you like.

Frozen Food

Once fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak, they begin losing their nutritional value. In frozen foods, these vegetables are picked, washed, and straightforwardly frozen. This securely protects all the nutrients from being lost; making frozen food almost healthier than fresh food you typically buy from your nearby supermarket.

Who wins?

The food options with the highest nutritional value are the organically grown fruits and vegetables taken directly out of the ground to your food table, followed by frozen food. To obtain maximum benefit from frozen food, steam or microwave your vegetables. Nutrients are all lost in the water if you boil them. It’s suggested to drink up that water to gain back the lost nutritional value. Next comes canning, which is still a better option than settling for processed food.

Confused between Canned and Frozen Food Read to Know How to Choose

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