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The Most Common Reasons For Premature Graying Of The Hair

Some women notice gray hair in a young age and the reason for that could vary between genes, stress, lifestyle or the diet, there are other factors that contribute to this annoying problem which we will mention to you below so read on to avoid the problem.

1- Genes.
Most dermatologists believe that the main reason young women who are 25 years old or younger start to notice gray hair is genes.

2- Chronic Diseases.
Many studies showed that the some chronic diseases like cold, anemia, thyroid problems or constipation could cause the problem of premature graying of the hair that is because these diseases cause damage to the pigment cells under the skin.

3- Unbalanced Diet.
You may wonder that an unbalanced diet could actually be the reason for premature graying of the hair, specific nutrients like vitamin B12, Folic acid, iodine, copper, zinc, proteins and amino acids are essential to maintain the well being of the pigment cells underneath the skin so a diet that lack those nutrients could actually be the reason.

4- Stress And Anxiety.
Stress and anxiety negatively affect the hair follicles in a major way because they lead to deficiency in vitamin B which is very essential for the hair, indeed some scientists believe that stress and anxiety could actually lead to loss of hair not only its color.

5- Excessive Usage Of Hair Products.
If you use too many hair dyes and different chemical products as well as dry blowing your hair and heat styling it often then that could be the reason for your premature graying of the hair.

Reasons For Premature Graying Of The Hair

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