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The most common reasons for your lower back pain

Almost every one has experienced lower back pain at least once; it is an intense pain and its main reason is wrong posture of body. Functions of the low back include movement, structural support and protection of certain tissues. Mostly, low back pain develops between the ages of 30s and 40s due to the aging process and sedentary lifestyles. In this article, we are going to explore some common causes for such irritating pain.

The first reason is heavy lifting which causes strain to the lumbar muscles and leads to slight crack in the disc, and this causes pressure on nerve roots resulting in severe pain in the lower back. Subluxation is another important cause that leads to severe lower back pain; it is a result of subjecting the lower back to some wrong postures that can cause locking up of vertebrae joints, and subluxations can be examined through x- rays.

The facet joints, which allow the movements, sometimes develop arthritis due to past trauma or over exertion; it causes acute pain and you even become uncomfortable while sitting.

The degenerative disc disease is caused by repeated twisting, lifting or bending and due to which the spinal bones start to lose water and deteriorate, then this deteriorated disc starts shrinking and causing severe pain. Sciatica is another situation in which the pain transfers from the lower back to the buttock, leg and finally to the foot; it can be caused by subluxation, strains, disc disease, etc.

This proves that one disease can cause many other related health problems. There are other various causes for pain in lower back, but you can protect yourself by being more careful as “Prevention is better than cure”, and it is important to consult a doctor on regular basis to keep away pain and diseases.

lower back pain

The most common reasons for your lower back pain The most common reasons for your lower back pain The most common reasons for your lower back pain

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