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Most Common Reasons For Hair Fall

Are you experiencing the problem of excessive hair fall? Are you confused or unable to pinpoint what could be causing the problem in the first place? Well you are not alone, most women who experience hair fall are unable to put their hands on the main cause for the problem, it can be tricky even for doctors to know, and worse if you don’t know what to do to reverse the damage and promote healthier hair growth, which may drive you to experiment with too many chemical hair products that may only further worsen the problem. For that reason we have collected to you three of the main reasons for excessive hair fall in women, so read on and check if you are experiencing any of the following factors.

1- Physical Or Psychological Stress.

Any type of physical or psychological stress on your body may result in excessive hair fall, when you are stressed your body start producing hormones that are considered harmful to many vital processes and organs of the body, and specially your hair will get effected and start shedding itself, but it should start growing again quickly soon after the body get rid of those harmful hormones.

2- Pregnancy.

Pregnancy comes with alot of hormonal changes that can bring stress or depression that have a direct and strong impact on the growth of the hair, also during pregnancy most of the nutrients that the mother’s body is receiving through food get directed to the baby’s body, which makes the mother’s body in need to essential nutrients, that too has an impact on the growth of the hair, the problem should fade soon after delivery.

3- Too Much Experimenting.

Experimenting too much with your hair with whatever products you apply to it and the type of styling you do can stripe the life out of your hair and leave it badly damaged, regular hair coloring, harsh shampoos, many different chemicals applied to the hair over short periods of time without giving the hair a chance to repair itself is a very common cause for hair fall.

4- A Poor Diet.

A poor diet that is only rich with calories and no essential nutrients has a strong impact on the hair growth, a poor diet or starvation of the body can be a reason for excessive hair fall.
Common Reasons For Hair Fall

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