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Common Questions About Dandruff Answered By Beauty Experts

Before going into the most common questions about dandruff you must know that dandruff is actually the accumulation of dead skin cells in the scalp that could lead to many problems affecting the well being of the hair and that could be caused by several reasons like poor diet, here is a list of the most common questions asked about dandruff and answered by beauty experts and dermatologists.

1- What Are The Most Common Reasons For Dandruff?

-Dandruff could be caused by a type of fungus called malassezia.

– It is also due to seborrheic dermatitis is usually called as the cradle cap, and can happen even to the baby and affect the armpits and other parts of the face.

– Psoriasis could also affect the scalp and lead to overgrowth in the dead skin cells.

Hormonal changes, heart disease, anemia, autoimmune disorders, stress, anxiety, and genetic problems, nutritional deficiencies can also cause dandruff.

2- Can Dandruff Cause Hair Fall?.

Yes dandruff can cause hair fall because it cause constant itching which can directly affect the hair follicles, however don’t worry it should be an easy problem to treat.

3- What Should I Add To My Diet To Avoid Or Treat Dandruff?

Having a balanced diet is very important to maintain the overall health and the health of the scalp and hair follicles, beauty experts recommend the following nutrients to be included in your diet regularly.

– Make sure to include green leafy vegetables, nuts , fresh vegetables and whole grains.

– Egg is rich in important nutrients for the health of the scalp like proteins, zinc, iron, vitamin B12 and high levels of omega-6 in addition to other fatty acids that are needed to maintain the health of the hair.

– Make sure not to forget drinking at least eight cups of water, water is very important for the skin including the skin of the scalp.

Questions About Dandruff Answered By Beauty Experts

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