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Common Pregnancy Problems That Are Not Dangerous

Pregnancy is a big deal for your body to deal with, some of the changes that happen to your body may cause some discomfort or irritation, but most of these symptoms are considered a normal part of the pregnancy. Here’s a list of the common pregnancy discomforts and how to ease them.

– Constipation.

You may start experiencing constipation early in your pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that slow down the movement of the intestines.
In order to avoid constipation consider exercising gentle exercises like walking every day.
Also incorporate foods that are rich in fiber in your diet.
Moreover, avoid iron supplements as they may worsen the constipation, ask your doctor if you can manage without it.

– Feeling Faint.

Fainting can happen during pregnancy if your brain is not getting enough blood due to the decrease of blood pressure that occur at the beginning of the pregnancy.
You may feel faint if you get up quickly from sitting or lying down.
In order to avoid fainting make sure to eat good and get up from laying or sitting slowly.
Signs that you may faint and get unconscious include deep fast breathing, rapid heart rate, sweating cold hands ringing sound in your ears and numbness in your head.

– Feeling Hot.

It is normal to feel hotter during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes jn your body and increased blood supply to your skin.
In order to avoid this problem, avoid hot meals or drinks, wear loose cotton clothes and keep your room fresh.

– Frequent Urination.

Frequent urination happen due to two causes during pregnancy.
One the pressure of the increasing in size uterus on the bladder.
two the accelerated blood filtering process by the kidneys.
Tip: don’t hold urine and pass it whenever is needed.
avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as they act as diuretics.
avoid drinking water near to bedtime.

– Varicose veins.

Varicose veins happen due to the rapid increase in the weight which puts pressure on the leg muscles which in return cause the veins to swell.
In order to avoid this problem opt to avoid standing for long periods of time.
Put your feet up while sitting down.
Eat foods that are rich in vitamin B because it helps to strengthen the nerves and veins.
Avoid too much weight gain during the pregnancy.
Wear supporting tights that are available in pharmacies.

Common Pregnancy Problems That Are Not Dangerous

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