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6 Common Mistakes People Are Making When Hanging Curtains

There are a few mistakes that most people make when hanging their curtains, and because curtains have a dominant role in creating the overall look then even the simplest of mistakes regarding curtains can spoil the way your room end up looking . we will present to you this article where we will point to you 6 of the most common mistakes that people are making when hanging curtains to avoid .

1- Not Making The Correct Measurements .

A curtain that is not the size of the window will really look odd , the measurements of the dimensions of the window is the first thing to consider when you decide hanging new curtains . you will save yourself another trip to the store if you have taken the right measurements for your rods and curtains .

2- Hanging Curtains Low .

You should opt to hang your curtains near to the ceiling instead of at the top frame of the window to give the illusion that ceiling is higher and windows are larger , this will be specially optimal in small spaces that are needed to look and feel bigger .

3- Buying Really Short Curtains .

When the curtain don’t touch the floor is considered to be short , if you are going for a classical or a modern design , make sure that your drapes touch the floor with a few centimeters extra length to give a more sophisticated look , even if you will pick the next size to the real size of your windows and get them modified later on .

4- Ignoring Fullness .

It is a known concept to look for curtains that are two or two and half the width of your window , so if you have a window that is five feet wide it will be ideal to get 10 or even better 12 feet panel to create the fullness needed by your drapes .

5- Ignoring The Iron .

Wrinkled curtains don’t look right , if you just washed your curtains or even just got them brand new , don’t be lazy and spend some effort ironing them , the wrinkles in the curtains won’t somehow go away after a few days as you think you have to iron or steam the curtains before they are hanged.

6- Neglecting The Hardware .

When you pick your rod you need to keep a few factors into consideration , the first thing is how heavy the drapes are and the second is the design of the rod , make sure that the rod you pick provide enough support to the weight of the drapes , the design of the rod is also needed for the final look .

Mistakes People Are Making When Hanging Curtains

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