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The Most Common causes Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a badly devastating event for most couples, it can carry long lasting negative feelings including anger, sadness, depression, guilt and confusion. While most obstetricians consider miscarriage a normal part of reproduction and happens very often, the emotional pain that follow that event is never easy. There are many causes of miscarriages, some of them we may have a hand in and some are completely out of our hands, to increase awareness in order to avoid miscarriages or put your mind in ease if you just experienced one, learn the most common causes of miscarriage below.

1- Chromosomal Abnormalities.

The most common cause for early pregnancy loss is a deforms with either the egg or the sperm causing abnormalities in forming the embryo, and while some chromosomal abnormalities can be compatible with life such as trisomy 21, a common type of down syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities cant be compatible with life.

2- Thyroid Problems.

Another very common cause of miscarriage is thyroid problems whether it be hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, in both cases infertility can be the result and even when conceiving happens, the result could be miscarriage.

3- Diabetes.

Diabetes patient with controlled blood sugar levels have less risk of miscarriages than those with uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

4- Bad Life Style.

Self destructive habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption or drug abuse can cause miscarriage early or later in the pregnancy.

5- Immunologic Disorders.

People with specific types of immunologic disorders may experience a series of miscarriages because their immune system consider the fetus a strange body to the body and start fighting it.

6- Physical Complications.

Physical complications such as abnormalities with the uterus such as septum or polyps as well as cervical incompetence can cause second and third trimester pregnancy loss.

causes Of Miscarriage

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