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The Most Common Causes Of Foot Pain

Walking is such an easy and effective type of exercise that everyone can practice with joy, however experiencing foot pain can make walking a painful instead of joyful experience. Nearly one out of five in the world experience foot pain frequently which can impact the quality of the life we are living and our mobility significantly,

the causes of foot pain are numerous and many of the causes present in most of us daily lives, in addition to devoting minimal or no care at all to our feet and practicing harmful habits to the feet like wearing tight shoes for long hours. Below are listed the most significant causes of foot pain to avoid them.

1- Wearing High Heals Often.

Wearing very high heels that are higher than 2.5 inches often put heavy pressure on the toes and the ball of the foot which cause constriction to the natural shape of the feet which cause pain after time. Besides feet pain wearing high heeled shoes often can also contribute to bursitis, sprained ankles, stress in the fracture and neuroma.

2- Wearing Tight Or Narrow Shoes.

Not only high heeled shoes contribute to foot pain but also poorly fitting shoes, shoes that are too tight or narrow put too much pressure on the toes which make them rub against each other and against the shoes causing painful blisters to form in addition to hurting the bones and muscles of the feet.

3- Pregnancy.

Foot and leg pains is a normal part of pregnancy just like back strain and morning sickness, as the woman gain weight during pregnancy very fast, her gravity center get very altered which in return put too much pressure on the feet and knees causing them to hurt.

4- Standing For Long Periods Of Time.

Spending long hours standing on your feet put pressure on the feet, toes, knees, joints, ligaments, bones, tendons and muscles of the legs and feet, it can also cause edema in the legs and increase the risk of varicose veins which can even worsen the pain and discomfort.

 Causes Of Foot Pain

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