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8 Common Causes of Damaged Hair

Hair can either be the crown of our beauty or the trouble of our lives. In our attempts to have healthy and good looking hair, we tend to harm our tresses more than benefit them. In case you wonder what is damaging your hair, you’ve come to the right place to recognize the causes, prevent them and enjoy lush hair to complement your beauty.

8. Braiding and Making Ponytails

Braids and ponytails may make your hair look tidy but when worn daily in a tight manner, these hair styles will break your hair and cause long-term damage. Prevent damage by styling your hair less tightly and don’t braid or make ponytails when your hair is wet. Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage.

7. Weaves and Extensions

Weaves and extensions, as braids and ponytails, cause hair to break but they cause more damage because they ruin hair at the roots. This pressure at the roots cause a severe hair loss condition called traction alopecia. Hence, save your hair from permanent damage and be satisfied with its length and wait for it to grow longer. Otherwise, wear extensions loosely and just glue them to your hair. You can then remove them with baby oil.

6. Too Much Shampooing

Shampoo is important to get rid of excess oil on the scalp and hair. Using shampoo too frequently will make your hair lose its natural moisture making it lose its sheen and become dull. Different hair types require different shampooing frequency. While very oily hair would require daily washing, dry hair would require being washed once a week.

5. Bleaching

Hair is a fiber made from three layers, the cuticle being the other protective layer. Bleach goes through the cuticle to remove color pigments. This alters the structure of the hair making it more vulnerable. Bleached hair is weak, has split ends and looks dull.

4. Brushing a Lot

When you brush your hair, use a good brush that untangles any knots. After that, there is no need to stoke your hair too much because over-brushing results in breakage and split ends. Constant brushing, especially when done with a cheap brush, exposes hair to friction that it cannot bear.

3. Exposing Hair to Heat

Hair is made of proteins that are held together with hydrogen bonds. Styling your hair with a hot blow-dryer or flat iron, changes those hydrogen bonds temporary making your hair look dull. Repetitive exposure to heat every day can make those temporary changes permanent and damage your tresses until you cut them. Minimize damage caused by heat by protecting your hair with a product before styling.

2. Dying Your Hair

Dying your hair with a new color or highlighting it is less severe than bleaching it. Nonetheless, hair dyes have their drawbacks especially when used excessively to hide gray hair. Consequences of hair coloring include loss of luster and dryness.

1. Perming

To perm your hair means to either straighten it or curl it chemically. The chemicals found in perms work by changing the bonds of the hair, break them in case of straightening or re-form them in case of curling. Messing with hair bonds will make hair dry and brittle over time.
A Piece of Advice

Hair grows at an approximate rate of quarter of an inch per month coming out anew. When you find your hair too brittle or having many split ends due to mistreatment, cut it so that it doesn’t split until the roots. Remember that when it comes to hair, you can start over but all you have to do is wait patiently.

Causes of Damaged Hair

common Causes of Damaged Hair

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