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Five Common Causes Of Breasts Soreness Or Tenderness

There are many times when we ladies get sore breasts, in general the problem is not a cause of concern, however it is irritating and annoying, it may help put your mind in peace if you know the reason for your breasts soreness and below is a list of the most common causes of sore breasts.

1- You Are Near To The Expected Date Of Your PMS.

The most common reason for breast tenderness is the fluctuation in hormones levels that occur around the time of your menstrual cycle, it is a normal response from the body and the discomfort will start to ease after the first day of your flow.

2- New Workout Regime.

Another common and normal cause of breasts pain is a change in the intensity of your workout regime, heavy push ups or weight lifting can cause the muscles underneath the breasts to get sore which gives you the feeling that your breasts are sore.

3- Early Pregnancy.

Another time other than menstruating where your hormones levels are shifting fast is the beginning of pregnancy and tender or sore breasts is a normal response to fluctuations in estrogen levels.

4- You Have Lumpy Breasts.

The situation is medically known as fibrocystic breast tissue where the tissues of the breasts are filled with Fluids causing an uneven breast tissue and frequent pains or discomfort when hormones levels are shifting.

5- Your Brolactine Levels Are High.

Brolactine is the hormone that rises during and after pregnancy and allow the body generate breast milk for the new born, however this hormone doesn’t only rise during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it can also rise for different causes and can cause sore breasts.

Causes Of Breasts Soreness Or Tenderness

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