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Most Common And Believed Myths Regarding Food

Since childhood we have been hearing popular food myths that are promoted by TV and media until we started to believe some of them without questioning .

But because we care about your health we brought you this article to reveal those myths and correct your understanding so read on.

1- Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day.
Most of us believe that this statement is true but it actually is false, after doing several studies the opposite was proven, when you skip breakfast you are doing something called intermittent fasting which was proven to be very healthy as it helps to increase the life span, improve the function of heart, brain and blood vessels while improving the hormone sections needed by the body.

2- Eat Six Small Meals Instead Of Three Big Ones.
This could sound logical at the beginning because eating small meals strengthen the willpower to control your appetite while eating big meals which eventually helps in fat loss however after many studies it was shown that, there is no difference in both cases because you are still taking the same amount of calories.

3- Eating Egg Lead To Heart Problems.
There is no need to worry or feel guilty while enjoying an omelet in the morning, this concept was proven to be false by many studies done on participants that aged between 25 and 74 years old, egg doesn’t lead to cardiovascular diseases indeed it is very healthy and provide the body with several important nutrients.

4- Artificial Sweeteners Are Safer Than Sugar.
This could be one of the most popular and most believed myths regarding food, it has been circulated by TV commercials and Internet so widely but the fact is the opposite, Artificial Sweeteners Are convergence and cause the creation of specific microbes in the intestines that could cause sever sensitivity to glucose.

Most Common And Believed Myths Regarding Food.

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