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Common Bedtime Mistakes That Make Your Skin Age Faster

You may already be aware that you should wash your face and remove any makeup on before going to bed, but if you don’t do this step properly and you sleep with some traces then you may be adding years to your skin, but this is not the only thing that you do at bedtime that could be aging and ruining your skim. Here’s a list of bedtime mistakes that harm your skin and make you look older.

1- Not Using Retinol or a Moisturizer.

People think they should start using retinol after age 40, but you actually should start using retinol products at the age of 20, retinol products help to increase collagen production and decrease the breakdown of it.
Here’s how you should use it, wash your face before going to bed, apply a moisturizer and then a retinol, won’t take you five minutes but the retinol will medicate you skin and the moisturizer will soothes and decrease the irritation.

2- Pilling Up On Products.

While it is recommended to apply a moisturizer after the retinol, you shouldn’t just keep on using many skin caring products and change the brands frequently. Some women use harsh exfoliators in addition to other drying skin washes with alcohol, they then end up with dry and irritated skin.

3- Sleeping On Cotton Pillowcases.

Cotton is a little harsher material on your skin than other materials like silk and satin, sleeping on harsher materials like cotton or even worse polyester can be touch on your skin and hair, with toss and turning during sleep, your skin will be dried up of the natural oils the skin produce and you end up waking with wrinkles and dull skin.

4- Washing Your Pillowcases with Scented Detergents.

It is time to change the scented detergent that you wash your Pillowcases with, the chemicals in the scents can cause your skin to get inflamed and irritated and you may end up with rash on the skin.

5- Checking Social Media before Falling Asleep.

You must have already known the dangers of blue light in the darkness on your health, spending long time checking your tablet or mobile before going to bed can ruin your sleep and put you at a risk of heart diseases, cancer and depression. Lack of sleep can also impact the glow and radiance of skin you are after.

6- Moisturizing Your Face Only.

Most of when we hear about skin care we immediately think of the face, while it is important to keep the skin on the face moisturized, the skin on the rest of your body also requires taking care of, even if you don’t want to moisturize your whole body before going to bed, give some extra attention to the elbows, knees, hands, heels and other patches on the skin that tend to dry hard.

Common Bedtime Mistakes That Make Your Skin Age Faster

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