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Most Common 8 Reasons For Night Sweats

It is a common complaint specially amongst women about night sweats or sever sweating through the night, if your bedroom is hot or you cover excessively and wear too much bedclothes then you are likely to sweat without any medical cause, however there are other reasons for night sweats summarized in the list below.

1- Menopause, if you are around the time for menopause, the hot flashes that occur during this time could be the reason for your night sweats and it is very common amongst women.

2- Idiopathic, this is a condition where the body spontaneously produce too much sweat without any identified medical cause.

3- Infections, Tuberculosis is the most common bacterial infection associated with night sweats however there are other infections cause night sweats including HIV, osteomyelitis and endocarditis .

4- Cancer, night sweats could be an early sign for certain types of cancer, most commonly lymphoma.

5- Medications, certain types of medications can lead to night sweats like Antidepressants and medications to lower fever.

6- Hypoglycemia, or also known as low blood sugar can cause night sweats, people who are taking insulin shots or diabetes oral medications could have Hypoglycemia during the night and that could be the cause for their night sweats.

7- Hormonal Disorders, sweating through the night could be a result of a hormonal imbalance or disorder.

8- Stroke, An early sign of stroke could be increased sweat specially during the night.

Night Sweats

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