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Cold And Flu During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your immune system is working at the weakest base, and that is so your body don’t fight the growing fetus in your womb as a foreign body, which in result expose you more to catching diseases like seasonal cold and flu much easier than before pregnancy, it is very common for pregnant women to catch cold during pregnancy, and the symptoms of cold can be sever specially when associated with the discomforts and pains that happen naturally during pregnancy.

What Can You Do If You Catch A Cold During Pregnancy?

Most doctors prefer to stay away from chemical medications and antibiotics during pregnancy specially in the first trimester when the fetus’s organs are still under development, therefore it would be more optimal for you to just stick by the natural remedies to alleviate your cold symptoms and boost your mechanism of fighting diseases.

– Drink Plenty Of fluids.
– Drink natural teas like green and red tea however make sure to keep in mind the caffiene levels.
– Drink Plenty Of herbal teas.
– Sip on chicken and vegetable Soups.
– Eat alot of fruits and vegetables specially the ones that are rich with vitamin C.
– Relax yourself Adequately.
-Eat foods with raw garlic as it works as a natural antibiotic.
– Gargle with warm salt water regularly about four times a day at least.
– Use quarter of tablespoon of salt to disolve in 200 ml of water and drop in your nose to alleviate nose congestion.

How To Protect Yourself From Seasonal Cold And Flu During Pregnancy.

In order to protect yourself from catching cold during pregnancy you must take the parental vitamins prescribed to you by your doctor daily beside eating a various diet that consists of rich foods of vitamins and minerals, increase your consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin C particularly like citrus fruits, watermelon, guava, tomato, Kiwi, mango, broccoli and spinach. Also Consume foods that are rich in Zinc such as oatmeal, yogurt, turkey, red meats and shrimps.
Cold And Flu During Pregnancy

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