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Coffee Is Useless Once You Get To This Point

One late night? Never mind coffee will have your back the following day, that double espresso will even give you a boost after two more nights of late movie marathon watching but after that you will be on your own.

We all get back to coffee to boost our alertness and performance when we couldn’t get enough sleep at night, but according to a recent study done by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research coffee won’t do you any good after three nights in a row of restricted sleep.

The study was done on fourth eight participants who were allowed to get only five hours sleep each night (ideally you should get seven to nine hours of sleep a day), some of the participants were given coffee drinks that contained 200 mg of Caffeine (almost as much as that in a short Starbucks coffee) twice a day, while the other group were given placebo, a series of tests were done to monitor the performance and concentration of the participants.

The results showed that the caffeinated group was able to perform better at the first and second day but after the third night of restricted sleep, coffee couldn’t help them that much.

The lesson to learn from this study is that, there will be no better than a sound night sleep to provide you with the energy and mind clarity you need to carry on your day, adequate quality sleep is not only good to sustain your energy levels the following day but it is also crucial to maintain your health at the long term,

several studies found a strong link between quality sleep and life span, so make sure to make the time to give your body it’s right to relax.

Coffee Is Useless Once You Get To This Point

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