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Does Coffee Really Helps In Weight Loss?

Coffee, yumy such a wonderful way to start the day, it tastes great it makes you feel good and energetic and it even warms your cold hands up in the winter, so what is better than coffee to drink? But is it true that coffee can actually help you lose weight? There are many health benefits to coffee that were scientifically proven, including protecting your liver and heart, however does coffee aid in weight loss as well? Let us find out.

When it comes to coffee and weight loss there are a few researches :-

1. Research concluded that drinking coffee in the morning can jump start your metabolism which in return helps your body to burn fat, in this study people who drank coffee soon after waking up in the morning were observed to have a higher metabolic rate up to three hours after the consumption of coffee than those who didn’t drink coffee.

2. Another common belief regarding coffee and weight loss, that the caffiene found in coffee helps to improve your physical performance and at the same time it gives you an energy boost which both motivate you to exercise and spend longer time exercising both of which help you to lose weight faster.

3. Coffee is also cited as a suppressant for appetite so when you drink coffee you feel full and eat less which is another way it could be helping you to lost weight.

Despite the above facts, caffiene does increase the metabolic rate, however in people who are very obese the effect of coffee on the body’s metabolism is significantly decreased.

Finally coffee is a good diuretic which will gets your body rid of the excess water stored in your cells that could be another cause of your obesity, however on the long term coffee can harm your nerve system so just make sure you are well hydrated if you are drinking coffee regularly on moderation.
Coffee Really Helps In Weight Loss